UV LED light Lamp with USB Cable 127x70x18mm Pink


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USB Powered UV LED Lamp with stand.

Package includes LED Lamp unit and USB Power cable. Can be powered via any standard USBport, power bank or universal USB phone charger.

To ensure the LED lights provide years of reliable use, this unit is fitted with a 45 second auto-off timer. This should provide enough time for curing a single standard thin layer of UV resin. For thicker projects, you may need to run the 45 second cycle several times. Allow a short 20 second break before restarting the lamp each time to help ensure the longevity of the lamps.

TIP: Place some blu-tac on the feet to hold the lamp in position on your desk to avoid bumping it out of position.

SAFETY: As with any UV light, please redice your eye exposure to the light emitted from this unit. Do not stare at the light or look directly at the LED’s when the unit is operating.


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