Shungite Healing Mat 25x36mm


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A black fabric Healing Mat measuring 25x36mm with 6 compartments filled with Shungite fragments.
A removable blue pattern cotton cover is supplied for easy cleaning.

This fabric healing mat measures 25x36mm and has six compartments filled with Shungite fragments. It’s a remarkable holistic wellness product that combines the benefits of Shungite with the comfort of a weighted healing mat. Shungite, a mineral known for its potential healing and EMF-shielding properties, is incorporated into this unique mat to offer users a holistic approach to well-being.

Each of the six compartments contains Shungite fragments, allowing for even distribution and coverage. When used, the mat is believed to facilitate relaxation, reduce stress, and promote overall vitality. It’s particularly popular among those who seek to enhance their meditation or relaxation practices with the potential energetic properties of Shungite.

This healing mat also provides a convenient and comfortable way to incorporate Shungite into your daily routine. Its compact size and design make it versatile and suitable for various applications, from placing it under a pillow for better sleep to using it as a meditation mat. It’s a testament to the growing interest in holistic wellness solutions that harness the purported benefits of Shungite while promoting relaxation and inner balance.

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