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Magic-Glos™ is the liquid gloss resin that cures in minutes using direct sunlight or a UV lamp. It’s a must have for crafting. Create cabochon effects and glass-like finishes. It’s an ideal sealer for foils, leafing and other embelishments.

Magic-Glos™ is an amazing 3-dimensional medium that can be used on many surfaces. It can be applied without dams or sidewalls to contain it. It’s ideal on various surfaces to add shine or dimensional effects such as water droplets, raised patterns, etc.

Features of Magic-Glos™:

  • One-step, no additional sealing or cleaning methods are required! 

  • Sand, buff, and polish Magic-Glos™. Ideal for satin and matte finishes.

Magic-Glos dries in minutes (not hours or days!). This product requires UV light to cure. It dries in the sun. Typical cure time is 10–30 minutes depending on size of cure area and thickness of layer. Adding inclusions, partly cloudy conditions and thicker layers may take longer to harden. 


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