LED Waterproof Multi Colour Light – With Full Function Remote Control

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Ten super bright Multi-Coloured LED Lights in this Waterproof base with a 24-Button Remote Control.

1 LED Light Base,
1 Remote Control with button cell Batteries

You will need:
3 x AAA Batteries

FLOAT on water facing up or down (remove the internal weight disc to float).
SINK the unit in water (replace the internal weight disc to sink).
SUBMERSE in water beads or glass pebbles.
HIGHLIGHT flowers and centrepieces.
PRESENT crystals in a new light- simply sit a crystal or translucent ornament on the light.
MOUNT the light almost anywhere with a cable tie or cord through the loop on the back.
NIGHT LIGHT when you need it. Keep the remote at your bedside.
OUTDOOR & CAMPING use the light on White as a camping or outdoor lamp.

This waterproof LED light is perfect for placing into a bowl of WaterBEADS to create a bright illuminated feature. Great for parties and entertaining.

Use the remote up to 8m from the light. Select from 13 colours, plus Colour Fade and Colour Jump. Also features Brightness Adjustment.

– 3 x AAA for Light Base (Not Included)
– 1 x CR2025 for Remote Control (Included)

Remote control contains a lithium button battery. Swallowing a button battery can lead to chemical burns, perforation of soft tissue, and death. Severe burns can occur in under 2 hours of ingestion. Seek urgent emergency medical attention immediately if battery ingested.


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